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Open Source Media Convertor

Yaffmi is a free, open-source (GPLv3) multimedia conversion application for Windows written in C# / .NET. It is easy to use, supports hundreds of formats, and leverages the popular FFmpeg media encoding / decoding library.

Since I like to delve into C# projects I will definitely be giving this a try and see how it works from the inside. I thought I should post this, although I don’t have much use for a convertor at the moment I know that most are very expensive and it’s nice to have an open source one handy just in case.

Check it out here.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Since 1981, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs has been the introductory computer science course at MIT. Now, thanks to MIT`s OpenCourseWare this course is more accessible than ever with the release of these videos. There is an online textbook to accompany this free of charge as well at this link.


Textbook Cover