The mobile experience although uses the same web foundation as the desktop (MIME Types, Markup languages, document formats, best practices) differs greatly in approach. The good thing about sharing a foundation is that these technologies can be optimized for smaller screens. The bad side is there will be usability challenges, because of the vast amount of differing devices that connect to the web.

The smart phone market has taken off considerably in the last few years, and consumers want the same experience on mobile as with the desktop. The desktop is a well understood, stable environment. Developing on the the desktop is known territory. Mobile experience on the other hand is a relatively new there are many additional restraints that a mobile developer must consider.

  • Bandwidth is a concern
  • Cost is a factor
  • Screen sizes are smaller
  • Battery life is shorter
  • Limited memory
  • Higher Latency
  • Slower transfer rates

These challenges are inherent to the nature of the mobile development environment. Some of these things cannot be overcome with well designed programming, but we must consider these attributes and develop with them in mind.