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WebGL version of Bejeweled by PopCap

WebGL is the newest technology for rendering 2D and 3D graphics via JavaScript without the use of plugins. Although relatively new and besides the assortment of the demos that can be found around the net. PopCap has released their popular Bejeweled free for play, written in WebGL, check that out here.

Doom 3’s Exceptional Beauty, It’s source.

Doom was my all time favourite game while growing up. I remember I used to create my own WADs with a wad editor, it was my first exposure to modding/ creating add-ons to any sort of game. So it goes without saying that I would love to see the source, then not long ago it was released and I spent some time going through it. Although I don’t understand it all I was inspired. The best way to go through the source is to follow a companion to it like this in depth analysis of the code. You can also get the source here.