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Game Development Patterns E-Book

I’m Bob Nystrom. I started writing this book while working at Electronic Arts. In my eight years there, I saw a lot of beautiful code, and a lot of really horrendous code. My hope was that I could take what I learned from the beautiful stuff, write it down here, and then teach it to the people writing the awful stuff.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email bob at this site or just ask me (@munificentbob) on twitter.

This is on my to-read list, which is about 400 books long but one day I’ll get there! But since I snagged the Pro version of GameMaker back at the Steam winter sale I might get to this sooner than I think.

Some Topics:

Architecture, Performance, and Games
Design Patterns Revisited
Sequencing Patterns
Double Buffer
Game Loop
Update Method
Behavioral Patterns
Subclass Sandbox
Type Object
Decoupling Patterns
Event Queue
Service Locator
Optimization Patterns
Data Locality
Dirty Flag
Object Pool
Spatial Partition

Looks quite Promising!

Great resources for learning the C programming language.

I am currently learning the C programming and language and was searching out some supplemental learning materials when I came across these great resources. So I thought I would share them. The first one is a link to Stanford’s Computer Science department, there is a great wealth of free online materials that you can peruse to your hearts desire. Need a summary of the features of C without the hassle of looking them up all over the web? well check this Essential C document. It breaks down all the basic terminology, key words, control structures, functions and data types all in one location.

If you want to check out some more from Stanford, check out their library that has some great material as well. Here.

Another sure-fire way to get the best materials for free to become the most-excellent programming that no doubt you will become. Check out these free lectures from Harvard. A few years ago EdX started up, alongside other online learning places like Udacity, Khan Academy and Coursera. This course is an EdX program, without actually signing up for EdX. It is free material already offered through Harvard. So check them out too, videos, lectures, slides, homework. It has it all.