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Code 451: Blocked for Legal Reasons

Courts can order your Internet Service Provider to block certain websites.

In the UK, this is usually because the websites contain material that infringes copyright. In other parts of the world, websites are targeted for their political content.

ISPs often don’t say why a website is blocked and court orders are rarely voluntarily published. So when sites are blocked, it’s really hard to find out why.

451 Unavailable is here to help ISPs make it clear why websites are blocked and to encourage courts to publish blocking orders.

I think this is a great idea, the more information the better. This is especially relevant in today’s world with everything that is going on in the Arab world and other countries where the internet is not a free place.

Check the webpage for more info.

Oddities and Secrets about JavaScript

Over at Smashing Magazine posted an article that JavaScript enthusiasts might enjoy. It’s long but worth the read, it gives you a peak into the inner workings of JavaScript but finds some things that I would not known about it. Like Null being an object and NaN actually evaluates to a number. Read it here