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Great list of Tutorials and Courses from Vanderbilt University

I’ve taken many online courses in diverse topics that I’m interested in, not just computer science but all kinds. Recently I have been slowly but surely working my way through Systems Programming in Android by professor Douglas C. Schmidt at Vanderbilt University. So far this course (which is free by the way) is really great. If you really want to understand the fundamentals about the Android operating system and understand exactly what is going on this is the course to take. Android is based off of Linux and shares many of the same concepts, this course digs into those differences and explains the similarities and what makes Android tick. I definitely recommend it if you want to get the edge on Android development.

Once you get through that course, or if you get bored of it you can check out all the other courses Professor Schmidt offers on his website which you can get to through this link.

How does Microsoft create new languages?

I came across this great video on how Microsoft creates new languages (F#, C#, Visual Basic, .Net). It was made for Microsoft TechED 2011. It’s a great panel of discussions, questions from experts at Microsoft who had a heavy hand in the creation of these languages. Check it out, it’s around an hour long and will give you great insight into the inner workings of Microsoft, how they think and how they approach such massive projects. It’s is great for programmers and project managers alike.

Hear from the C#,Visual Basic,and F# language designers themselves,about how we create the .NET Framework languages at Microsoft. Where do we get ideas? How do we incorporate new paradigms without breaking the existing languages? Where will we go in the future,and how will we get there? We talk about all these topics and more. Come ready for an interactive session,and get your questions answered by the team!