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Category:Data Analysis

Interesting Map: Where no humans reside in Canada.

Check out this cool map that shows where there is no humans living in Canada. I find it a little boggling all that space with nothing but wild animals running about.

Check out the full sized version here.

Crystal Reports Webinar – Creating effective reports in Crystal Reports 2011

Have some time on your hands? Want to get the hang of Crystal Reports 2011? Well this hour and a bit long webinar is quite good at getting the basics down to get you creating nice reports done quickly. It does feel like you are in a classroom, it may not flow as well as some videos but it’s a good pace to keep your attention. One thing I found annoying was the quality of the audio which depending on who is talking can be a little bit distracting. But I think it’s worth checking out if you need to get a good grasp of Crystal Report 2011.