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Research reveals the necessity of optimized streaming video to retain users

Research reveals viewers begin to abandon a streaming video if it does not start up within two seconds. Each additional second of delay results in a 5.8 percent increase in the abandonment rate.

Keeping users on your site drives revenue. Not only is designing a beautiful interface important to keep them coming back, but it’s important to keep in mind that if the goods don’t get to the user in a timely matter than all that tidy clean coding will go to waste. Keeping things quick and optimized will keep people interested and put you in the right direction for a successful deployment.


Toothpaste and App Design?

So how can toothpaste teach you about good app design? Check this blog posting here

The lesson here is that there is no one way to do things and different people need different ways of recognizing things. When building a product it doesn’t just suffice to build one way to access one part of your site, as different people will expect different ways of getting there. We often strive to find the optimal interface, but in reality different interfaces seem logical to different people.